Friday, May 28, 2010

AUDIO: Carlyle "Replacement" (feat. GhostWridah) Produced by Oddz.N.Endz

DOWNLOAD: Carlyle - Replacement (feat. Ghostwridah) - Produced by Oddz.N.Endz.mp3

OK OK OK! Back with a brand new single from a songwriter that you will already be familiar with his work. Now he is stepping out that box, and into the spotlight: CARLYLE. He has already penned Rick Ross & T-Pain's "Maybach Music 2", 2 Pistols & Ray J's "You Know Me", and others. This is his lead single of his untitled EP dropping this summer, exclusively and entirely produced by Oddz.N.Endz. Shout out to Miami's next superstar, GhostWridah (just Google his new single "Red Bottoms" if ya don't already know), who dropped a sick verse to make the song complete: "...I never lose at nothing/ So here's a Band-Aid for ya boyfriend, cut him/" (need we say more?). Look for more collabo's with Carlyle and Ghost coming soon. Oh, and we are shooting the video for this track over the next 2 weeks! More details on the EP coming soon. Did we mention Carlyle is unsigned? 100.

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